Saturday, July 21, 2007

Why I love Vegas

Man, I haven't done that in a while. I started drinking with an old college buddy Thursday about noon and I just got out of bed a couple of hours ago in Las Vegas-a different city than we started in. Here's what I have found out so far:
  • My amex receipts are over 7k including 2 1st class tickets for a 1200 mile flight(It's gonna be more because I still have to pay for a flight back) and a 2k advance for gambling-I guess I lost cuz I got about 50 bucks now.
  • I have no idea where my friend is that I flew here with-probably back home and his wife is gonna be some pissed
  • I have a black eye and my nose hurts a lot-I must have got punched but I don't remember and my knuckles don't hurt which means I didn't hit anyone. I also have blood on my shirt.
  • I have never stayed in this hotel before but they sure treat you well. When I called the front desk this morning to find out where I was they sent me up a complimentary breakfast of bagels and lox and a split of champagne so I guess they know I lost some money on the tables.
Holy Shit!!! Great news!! I just got finished talking to a casino host who called me. It turns out I won about 9 grand on the craps table and was so drunk that they put my money in the cage and put me in this room which is actually damn nice and they are comping me. When I told him that I had no change of clothes or anything, he offered me a 30% discount at their men's clothing store so I guess I'll head down there and hope they have tall sizes. When I asked him about the blood on my shirt and my black eye, he was told that I turned up at the tables like that so I gotta find out what the fuck happened. He also said I showed up alone so I guess buddy abandoned me.

That's what I love about Vegas. I show up here after an all nighter of boozing, go to the tables, probably make a complete asshole of myself and they look after me.

Well, I've got 17 messages on my cellphone so I'm sure there are some answers in there but I don't have much battery left and no charger with me so I gotta find one before I can check them out. I'm in no hurry because there will be some shit waiting in those messages as well as I was supposed to be at a dinner party last night back home and have a date tonight with a young chick I've been working on for a couple of weeks but with 9 grand sitting in the cage downstairs, that ain't gonna happen.

I'll phone and tell her to get her ass over here. That'll be a good qualifier for her.

All right, lots to do. Check back in a couple of days for the gory details cuz I think this is my last hour of sobriety for another 48 hours.