Thursday, July 12, 2007

How do you know when a younger woman is interested in you?

Despite being able to be with much younger women, it wasn't always so. As a matter of fact probably about 95% of younger women aren't at all interested in us old farts. But, when they are, you have to recognize the signs and make your move before they lose interest.

It all starts with the man of course-men start most good things in life. It's easier to go after a woman in a group because she feels safer than if you approach her by herself. If I'm interested in someone, I usually ignore them and talk to their friends-either male or female, doesn't matter. I know I look older but I dress very well and am tall, not unattactive and reasonably slim so most younger people will return my conversation. You need to make a couple of key points quickly but subtly that impresses the group and of course your mark. You become the center of conversation and establish rapport with everyone but her. Like I said before, it's often about money so make sure they know you have it-but be tactful. There is a fine line between bragging and confidence. If she's interested, she'll make the first move because she's starting to feel left out. You acknowledge her but show no interest. This is the critical point. If she's interested, she'll become aggressive with you and you let her take control (or so she thinks.) You've got about 10 minutes to get a number or email address and then leave. That's right-Leave!!. If you can't get a contact point on her, make sure she has yours. If they're interested, they'll call. But remember, you're probably the first older guy she's interested in and this is unfamiliar and probably scary ground for her. It won't always work-my hit rate is about 1/3rd if I can get a contact point. Others I share this with are probably around 10%. So it's a lot of work but oh baby, well worth it.

More to follow.