Sunday, March 22, 2009

Obama needs to take a lesson from Reagan

Remember when the air traffic controllers went on strike in the early 80's? No one could believe it when Reagan fired them all. And it turned out to be a great decision.

Obama needs to do something similar with AIG. Just let it go bankrupt and take back every cent from those greedy fuckers who were paid the bonuses. They have no idea how much they are hated. AIG says they need to pay them bonuses to retain them? Well, not if there's no fucking company for them to work in. And who else is going to hire any of those assholes anyway?

This is a great example of throwing good money after bad. Obama says the economy will go into a tailspin if AIG goes under. Hello!! Barack!! It's already in a death spiral so pissing off the sheep who voted for you isn't going to make it any better.

Yeah, we needed change from Bush but somehow I think if McCain were running things, there wouldn't be any of this pussyfooting around.

None of this shit affects me personally because about 18 months ago, a friend in real estate who saw the subprime fiasco coming told me to make sure I had a roof over my head with no mortgage and to put 1/2 my equity in gold and the other 1/2 in cash. It took me a while to come to grips with what he was saying, and although I didn't take 100% of his advice, and foolishly kept a few stocks that are now worth 1/2 what I bought them at, I did follow enough that I sent him a case of Cristal for Christmas.

I'm back

9 months between posts. Kept you guessing whether or not I was finally dead, right? Not yet, but I've had a couple of close calls in that time including getting my ass kicked after giving the finger to a biker I was racing.

I was in my new toy (I'll tell you about when I am finally over the grief of totalling it last month) at a stop light in SCal. This biker with his girlfriend on board made a nasty comment about the color of my car. So I took off from the light in a blaze of smoke and left him behind but he soon caught up to me in heavy traffic. At the next light he told me I drove like the old man I was. I laughed and said the only reason he couldn't keep up was because of the fat broad sitting behind him. Again I got away from the light quickly but he caught me again and gave me "the stare" so I flipped him the bird. Big mistake-you'd think I'd know better by now.

Long story short-he followed me until I finally stopped. I had considered calling 911 but I figured since I had gone a few rounds with tough guys in the past I could do so again. Problem is, the past is probably at least 20 years but my adrenalin was flowing. As soon as I opened the door, he went into action and I was on the ground taking his boots to the back. Fortunately, a couple of guys in a passing pickup saw what was going on and came to my rescue threatening him with baseball bats, telling him they had called 911. The biker walked back to his bike and as I got up, I yelled "You may be tougher than me but your old lady is still fat." He stopped, thought better of it and took off.

The cops arrived before I could leave as I was thanking the guys. When I told them the story and told them I didn't get a plate # (I did but I guess I deserved what I got, so......) one of them said "Are you suicidal? Those guys often carry weapons. You drive a car like this, you want to keep a low profile." I agreed and after declining a trip to the hospital (I hurt for about 2 weeks, but no damage other than a chipped tooth), left, realizing that no matter what your age, flipping a bird to a biker is going to have a consequence.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Asian airlines first class make US Airlines look like a joke.

I recently took a short vacation in Asia visiting Shanghai, Hong Kong, Thailand and Singapore with a brief stop in Seoul. I flew a total of 4 different airlines, all first class. I'm not going to tell you the US airline I flew but considering the fare for a 12 hour flight was over $4,000, it was a joke compared to the amenities and service I experienced on Singapore Air, Cathay Pacific and Asiana.

The Check-in facilities and lounges were a sign of things to come. All of the Asian airlines have separate facilities whereas I had to wait for about 15 minutes in the US airline's queue because they were checking in a bunch of yabos who were obviously not flying first. The lounges and amenities and service available in them are like comparing accommodations at the 4 Seasons to the Holiday Inn. I'm sure you can guess which is which.

The first thing you notice when you get on these flights is that the flight attendants on Asian airlines are beautiful young ladies who make you feel welcome and understand that you are spending a lot more money than the other passengers in the back. The US airline did have a couple of younger beauties but I guess they didn't have enough seniority to work up front. The American FA's, all past their expiry date, along with a nice guy who seemed to be in early stages of dementia and finally just disappeared, seemed to be trying to make an effort but there was no doubt that they had other places they'd rather be and other things they'd rather be doing. The worst part is that they try to have meaningful conversations about subjects they have no fucking clue about. They should just do their job and shut up. The Asian FA's know when to speak and when to shut up and believe me, they look great doing it. Whoever designed the uniforms on Singapore Air was a genius. That alone makes me want to fly them whenever possible.

I will admit the best bottle of wine I found on all the flights was on the U.S. carrier. But that's not enough to make up for iffy service, and generally uncomfortable (compared to the Asian Airlines) seating/beds. Meals on all were quite good with one exception of lunch on Cathay but surprisingly, Asiana served a medium rare steak that rivaled the best I've ever eaten and then offered me seconds which I gladly accepted.

It's nice to see that some parts of the globe still know how to give real first class service, but US airlines are no longer in the game. They should charge a lot less for their international first class seats because they can no longer compete. In future, I won't be flying any US airlines internationally.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Ehrin-you're fired!

About 2 hours after I posted for the first time in almost a year, my attorney representing me in my lawsuit emailed me to say I have to remove my post because if someone connects the dots about my accident that my lawsuit could be in jeopardy. WTF? This prick has an RSS feed into my blog? Why? Well Ehrin, I always figured you were a senseless low life prick but now I know you are. So hopefully you'll get this in your feed tonight before you get into bed with that fat cow of an excuse for a woman who is your wife and discover that you're fired. You've got a 20 G retainer from me and you can keep it although other than file a few papers you did squat to earn it. Now fuck off and read about my settlement in your law journals in a few months to realize how much of a fee you squandered by being an asshole.

Shakespeare had it right in Henry VI and if you don't know what I mean, you're too fucking dumb to be reading this.

Holy coma batman

The title of this blog was made tongue-in-cheek but there is no question that I am absolutely lucky to be alive after the last few months. I was driving down the Coast Highway last August when some asshole decided that to pass a truck but was too drunk to realize I was coming the opposite way in the lane he was using. To make a long story short, he's dead, I'm still alive and nowithstanding a few weeks in a coma and a few months of physical therapy, I'm probably in the best shape of my last 30 years on this sick but glad I'm still here planet. Of couse I'll never admit that to the tight ass attorney representing the idiot's estate that I and my insurance company are suing for just slightly less than Liechtenstein's GDP. After all, I did lose a few months of my life and a slightly used Bimmer 650, and other than a few blow jobs by some sympathetic ladies, I didn't have any tail for 6 months. Fortunately, I have been able to rectify that in the last few weeks.

I actually thought that the whole experience had made me change my roguish ways, but I realized recently that I'm still the same old philanderer although with 20 less pounds which actually seems to make me even more attractive to younger ladies-if that were possible.

I wasn't going to post this blog anymore but incredibly, I get almost 200 hits a day on it and I haven't posted for almost a year. Maybe I'll even turn the comments on at some point but I'm still rather fragile so I wouldn't want to be bitch slapped by you hypocrites who think my lifestyle is shameful. To you folks, all I got to say is "Move on-I don't give a flying fuck what you think about me."

In the meantime, I'm revving back up ready to take on all those nubile young bodies who like older men who don't give a rat's ass if they are after our money. I admit I am out of practise so it may take a while to get back into the full swing, but for now, I'm banging a newly separated 36 year old with huge tits, a a small waist, a tight ass and a reasonable face. Yeah, she's at the upper end of her expiry date, but even Roger Clemens had to spend a few weeks in the minors before he went back to the bigs.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Didja think I was dead?

After my last post, I'm sure you thought I was out of control and I was. Fuck, I still am but at least I've been sober for a couple of days.

It turns out that my buddy and I got into a fight a few hours after we got to Vegas, thus the black eye, blood on my shirt and no buddy around. We've made up although his wife calls me an evil influence on his life and has told me never to darken their doorstep again. Fuck her if she can't take a joke. Makes me realize what anchors women can be.

Speaking of women, the one I was supposed to have dinner with the night I stayed in Vegas actually got on a plane and came over. Yeah, I paid for the ticket but it was well worth it. We left on Tuesday after I became a valued client of a new hotel there which shall remain nameless for reasons I can't get into. Yeah, I won a few bucks mainly thanks to my Irish ancestry making me bet on Padraig Harrington to win the British Open. I was way up on craps at one point but a drunken night saw it all go back to them. You think I'd learn.

The nice thing about a younger woman like her is she knows that time spent with me has no future cash surrender value. I'll call her in a few days when the sperm count gets back up but right now I don't even think viagra would work on me. Ahhh to be young again.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Why I love Vegas

Man, I haven't done that in a while. I started drinking with an old college buddy Thursday about noon and I just got out of bed a couple of hours ago in Las Vegas-a different city than we started in. Here's what I have found out so far:
  • My amex receipts are over 7k including 2 1st class tickets for a 1200 mile flight(It's gonna be more because I still have to pay for a flight back) and a 2k advance for gambling-I guess I lost cuz I got about 50 bucks now.
  • I have no idea where my friend is that I flew here with-probably back home and his wife is gonna be some pissed
  • I have a black eye and my nose hurts a lot-I must have got punched but I don't remember and my knuckles don't hurt which means I didn't hit anyone. I also have blood on my shirt.
  • I have never stayed in this hotel before but they sure treat you well. When I called the front desk this morning to find out where I was they sent me up a complimentary breakfast of bagels and lox and a split of champagne so I guess they know I lost some money on the tables.
Holy Shit!!! Great news!! I just got finished talking to a casino host who called me. It turns out I won about 9 grand on the craps table and was so drunk that they put my money in the cage and put me in this room which is actually damn nice and they are comping me. When I told him that I had no change of clothes or anything, he offered me a 30% discount at their men's clothing store so I guess I'll head down there and hope they have tall sizes. When I asked him about the blood on my shirt and my black eye, he was told that I turned up at the tables like that so I gotta find out what the fuck happened. He also said I showed up alone so I guess buddy abandoned me.

That's what I love about Vegas. I show up here after an all nighter of boozing, go to the tables, probably make a complete asshole of myself and they look after me.

Well, I've got 17 messages on my cellphone so I'm sure there are some answers in there but I don't have much battery left and no charger with me so I gotta find one before I can check them out. I'm in no hurry because there will be some shit waiting in those messages as well as I was supposed to be at a dinner party last night back home and have a date tonight with a young chick I've been working on for a couple of weeks but with 9 grand sitting in the cage downstairs, that ain't gonna happen.

I'll phone and tell her to get her ass over here. That'll be a good qualifier for her.

All right, lots to do. Check back in a couple of days for the gory details cuz I think this is my last hour of sobriety for another 48 hours.