Thursday, August 2, 2007

Didja think I was dead?

After my last post, I'm sure you thought I was out of control and I was. Fuck, I still am but at least I've been sober for a couple of days.

It turns out that my buddy and I got into a fight a few hours after we got to Vegas, thus the black eye, blood on my shirt and no buddy around. We've made up although his wife calls me an evil influence on his life and has told me never to darken their doorstep again. Fuck her if she can't take a joke. Makes me realize what anchors women can be.

Speaking of women, the one I was supposed to have dinner with the night I stayed in Vegas actually got on a plane and came over. Yeah, I paid for the ticket but it was well worth it. We left on Tuesday after I became a valued client of a new hotel there which shall remain nameless for reasons I can't get into. Yeah, I won a few bucks mainly thanks to my Irish ancestry making me bet on Padraig Harrington to win the British Open. I was way up on craps at one point but a drunken night saw it all go back to them. You think I'd learn.

The nice thing about a younger woman like her is she knows that time spent with me has no future cash surrender value. I'll call her in a few days when the sperm count gets back up but right now I don't even think viagra would work on me. Ahhh to be young again.