Friday, June 20, 2008

Ehrin-you're fired!

About 2 hours after I posted for the first time in almost a year, my attorney representing me in my lawsuit emailed me to say I have to remove my post because if someone connects the dots about my accident that my lawsuit could be in jeopardy. WTF? This prick has an RSS feed into my blog? Why? Well Ehrin, I always figured you were a senseless low life prick but now I know you are. So hopefully you'll get this in your feed tonight before you get into bed with that fat cow of an excuse for a woman who is your wife and discover that you're fired. You've got a 20 G retainer from me and you can keep it although other than file a few papers you did squat to earn it. Now fuck off and read about my settlement in your law journals in a few months to realize how much of a fee you squandered by being an asshole.

Shakespeare had it right in Henry VI and if you don't know what I mean, you're too fucking dumb to be reading this.