Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Cars have been a big influence in my life

This is my first beauty, a 1962 MGA twin cam. I got it as a high school graduation gift for getting a B average. Yeah, I was a spoiled brat but that's the joy of your old man being a celebrity and making a lot of money. He had to spend it somewhere right? Don't even ask what an A average would have delivered, but I was damn happy with this and it was a hell of a lot more credible with the women than my mother's Cadillac.

It was a couple of years old and midnight blue. It was fast, fun, and most importantly the chicks loved it. But it was almost impossible to screw in this (especially when you're 6'7", but you can't have everything.) It was terrible in the rain and totally undriveable in the snow although thankfully there wasn't much of that where I lived. In the winter, the heater was a joke and it was very windy because it didn't have real windows, just side curtains. It wasn't real fast in a straight line but it could sure corner well.

I loved this car and took good care of it but left it in a parking lot one night and some asshole stole it. Security on this car was nil and my insurance company said if they replaced it, my rates were going to at least double so I decided it was time to replace it with some American muscle.

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