Monday, July 16, 2007

Older women really do hate me

On Saturday night, I was reminded why older women have absolutely no place in my life. After dinner and a concert I returned with my lady to the hotel. We were staying on the club level of a nice hotel so decided to go for a nightcap in the lounge which is for the use of people staying on that level only. There were 3 other couples in there, mid forties and had obviously had a few drinks as they were quite noisy. No problem, a quick drink and we're off to bed.

As soon as we walked in, I get the looks I'm used to when I'm with someone 35 years younger than me. The men smirk and the women try to hide their shock. I acknowledge them with a courteous smile and we go to sit in the corner by the window when 1 of the men asks us to join them. My companion is fine with it so I say "Sure" as I get myself ready for what I know is to follow.

It was pretty much the same old shit. The men are very friendly to both of us with the normal questions"Where you from, how long are you in town, what have you been doing here etc etc". all the while looking at my lady who is absolutely stunningly exquisite tonight. She is doing a Phd and delights them with her charm,wit and low cut dress. Of course, the women are trying to look non-plussed but they are fuming. They are absolutely ignoring us, especially my lady. One of the men tells me he is an attorney and when I ask what his specialty is, his wife pops in with "divorce, support, you know, marital stuff." And then it comes as she looks directly at me and with a big smile says "Do you need his card?" I laugh out loud and everyone was obviously somewhat embarrassed but Mrs Lawyer never expected what came next and for that matter, neither did I.

My lady : "Why would he need your husband's card?"
Lawyer's Wife: "Well I didn't say he needed it did I dearie? I simply inquired didn't I"
ML: "Dearie? Did you call me dearie? I have an IQ over 160, a 4.0 average, am a lab instructor at a top 5 medical school in a subject that most people can't even spell, have job offers from 4 of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, and I don't take shit from anyone especially someone who marries an attorney. So don't call me dearie"

SILENCE!!! Then I stand up, take her hand and say to them, "Hope you enjoy the rest of your evening."

What followed was probably the best sex I have had in years-maybe ever.