Thursday, July 12, 2007

Replies to the losers

After my post about why older men prefer younger women, I got attacked on a site run by some old bitty called Ronni Bennett and her gang of merry dykes. I think out of about 30 comments, 3 were men (probably either gay or pussy whipped) and the rest, old broads who identified very clearly with my post and lashed out at me for it.
So let's look at a few of their comments:

"In more practical terms, though, our attention just feeds Mr. Troll and any linkage pours credibility and the potential for ad-revenue into his sorry blog"Posted by: Betsy Devine

What a dumb hag. First of all, you'll never see an ad on here-I make more in interest in 1 day off my useless T bills than most people writing blogs make off the internet in a year. Secondly, why am I a troll? because she doesn't agree with me? Stunned bitch.

"He's been metaphorically humping to fill a deep void ever since."Posted by: MotherPie

This one is hilarious. I don't hump old broads so I haven't really found any deep voids.

"I am so thankful that I have been married for 43 years and have not had to have contact with anyone like him." Posted by: kenju

Trust me, there is no fucking chance I would ever even talk to an old bitch like you. 43 years huh? And you think the old man has never dipped his wick outside the marriage a few times? ROTFLMAO

"To him it means the highest amount of sexual gratification with the minimum of financial and intellectual expenditure." Posted by: Mark Maunder

Mark, I think you may be projecting here. I'll give you the first part of your comment, sexual gratification is important, but I spend a fortune on women. Because I like the finer things in life, whoever I am with at a particular point gets to share them with me. I just spent a few days in Vegas with a gorgeous young lady and my tab was over $10k just for room, food, drinks etc. What really sucked is I also lost on the tables and the cheap pricks would only give me a future comp. But I don't expect you have a fucking clue what that means Mark.

OK gotta fly but I'll be posting more replies to this bevy of beauties from the old girl's blog.