Wednesday, July 18, 2007

How to meet a younger woman online

I've hooked up with a few women who I initially met on an online dating site-all under 35 and here's how I do it.

  • Post a very recent picture (I often hold up a copy of USA Today with the date on it) and let it be known you expect the same type of photo.
  • State your true age
  • If you want the woman to be attractive then say so.
  • State that you are looking for someone in a certain age range (23-35 for me) and be very clear that you won't answer anyone outside of that range.
  • There is no need to justify why you are looking for someone in the age group-they know why.
  • Be very clear what your goals are-if you aren't looking to get married then say so
  • If you have money then tactfully state it. I say "Successful retired business man who knows how to treat a lady to the finer things in life." If you don't have money, you're going to have to widen the age gap up to (god forbid) as much as another 20 years if you're busted out.
  • No matter how tight money is, always take out the platinum or gold or whatever the highest level of membership is. It signifies you're a player.
  • Don't lie about anything-but omissions are not always lies
  • Don't contact any women yourself because most women in your age group aren't going to be interested in you and that's a lot of wasted effort-let the interested ones come to you.
It's a numbers game. 10,000 women look at your profile, 5,000 fit it, maybe 5% have no problem with your age and will contact you and 1/2 of them are what you are looking for. Do the math-that's over 100 that you get to start communicating with. There will be a few scores in there-believe me.

But it's a lot of fucking work and you have to be organized and brutal. Don't worry about sending off 3 or 4 emails to a woman and then deciding you aren't interested. Don't try and be Mr Nice Guy, just don't email her anymore-they'll do the same to you. Remember it's a numbers game.

Is it worth it?